Neurodivergence · Radical Unschooling

#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 64

I felt like the WORST mother…and a bad human being yesterday.

After raising half a dozen cups of caterpillars to butterflies without losing a single one…I dropped the lid with all their cute little chrysalis. They all came unattached from the paper. I could not even find one of them.

20170409_173738 (1)
Just before I dropped the darn things…

And do you know what PanKwake did? What she said?

Look on the bright side, Mommy, if it survives then I will have a butterfly in my room.

No meltdown…though she was a bit miffed at me at first. I did get an I told you so. But then it was on to the bright side.

What a change! How amazing a human being she is becoming.

Now…goddess…PLEASE…let at least some of them survive!

We do have another cup almost ready to spin their cocoons though. I will definitely be much more careful Even get Cookie Monster’s help. I won’t make that mistake again.


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