About Us

Welcome to our #HomeCrazzyHome…

How Crazzy you ask?

Water gun fights at dawn…hiding Mom’s coffee…teaching via Minecraft…diets…organizing…and loads of…

  • Laughter
  • Love
  • and Cwtches (Welsh for hug…but so much more than that)!

And we would not have it any differently.

So let’s introduce ourselves…

Tara is living the dream. After a lifetime of trials and tribulations, she has found the end of her rainbow…in the serene and historic seaside enclave of Swansea, Wales. She is doing what she has always dreamt of…caring 50’s style for her partner, Cookie Monster, and her autistic daughter PanKwake.

Speaking of whom…

PanKwake is 11 years old. She is the youngest of Tara’s six children and the only one that still lives with her. So you will of course hear loads more about PanKwake than the others. In fact…most of this blog is about HER! PanKwake loves Minecraft and most other computer games, fast rides at amusement parks, her doll Billy, her pets and her friends. She is really good at those computer games, constantly moving, art and jokes/pranks. PanKwake is also neurodivergent…that means autistic, epileptic and dyslexic in her case. Pathological Demand Avoidance is the sub-type of autism that she has…but as you will learn here it is not as bad as it sounds.

Tara’s days begin early as she rises before the rest of the household to write and blog. Only their infernal cat, Little Miss Fluffy Paws, is around to torment and distract her. A pack of cat food will usually handle that one though. So she can get back to her cup of strong, hot black coffee and the keyboard. Then once her daily word count is met, it is off to cooking, cleaning and caring for those she loves…and anyone else that might happen into their domain.

Tara is the mother of six, ranging in age from 11 to 30. Her experiences include not just her current 1950’s traditional family, but single working parenthood as well as a stint on the ‘dole’ (in the British benefits system…a girl has to do what she has to do to survive).

Her professional credentials include a bachelor’s degree in health education from Texas A&M University and a minor in environmental management in her master’s programme at University of Houston – Clear Lake.

Tara began this blog almost a decade ago when she was struggling on a single income to raise PanKwake and the older children. Then along came five years of single parenthood and this blog got cast to the wayside. And while her new life does not entail the financial struggles of those early years, frugality has no less value for her.

She still watches her pounds and pence (dollars and cents). She still shops at PoundLand and the plethora of charity shops in Swansea (heck, leave it to her to find a REAL millionaire Dom with a charity shop addiction even bigger than hers?!?).

Speaking of whom…Cookie Monster is the latest addition to the family. He and Tara have just celebrated their first anniversary. Without a single fight. And blissfully happy. Yes, we make everyone sick…and would not have that any other way either.

This is her favorite photograph…

Funny Face

Life is always going to be a roller coaster ride but there is no one Tara wants in the car with her, holding on tight, than Cookie.

In addition to PanKwake’s doll Billy, Goldie the goldfish, and the cat Little Miss Fluffy Paws, we live in a wonderland that we call #HomeCrazzyHome…

We hope you will visit us often…even if only online…we have loads to say about life, especially Radical Unschooling, neurodivergence, and homemaking.

Goddess bless,