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Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here....Well, it is officially over...#100DaysOfHomeEd. And while I have not finished all 100 days, I will be doing so in the days ahead. Sort of like that marathon runner who crosses the finish line long after the crowds have gone home. That is me! Oh, but what a time the past 100 days...three months have been. Just as we were moving into #HomeCrazzyHome and right in the middle of noisy electricians and dust that rivalled a small volcanic eruption...along came this opportunity.

Radical Unschooling

#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 95 that we have broken with traditional parenting and learned (more accurately started to learn) this amazing human being that has been entrusted to we are ready to begin rebuilding. Something I am coming to learn loads about actually...thanks to #HomeCrazzyHome. In fact this whole process is kinda like what we have gone through with re-wiring this house...

Radical Unschooling

#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 93

So far you have... Thrown out all you thought or were told about education and parenting... Gotten to truly know your little person... Died to self and put your child first... Isn't that enough, you ask? Are you sadistic or masochistic, woman? What do you expect of us? Yes, I know...HIGH standards. Impossibly high to achieve 100% of the time. Yes, even for me. That is why Step Four is the absolute most crucial... To home educate and especially to Radically Unschool... You Must LIKE Your Child!

Neurodivergence · Radical Unschooling

#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 92

Know you have broken with all the traditional parenting advice... You have gotten to really know your child... What's next? Step Three: Die...Die...DIE! No, we are not joining our kids for a game of Minecraft and killing zombies. I wish. This one is even harder than that. It is about dying to self. Doing the most radical thing imaginable for many people...and one that is almost sure to take you back to that first step and incite the ire of your in-laws... This one is about putting the needs of your child above your own.