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Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here....Well, it is officially over...#100DaysOfHomeEd. And while I have not finished all 100 days, I will be doing so in the days ahead. Sort of like that marathon runner who crosses the finish line long after the crowds have gone home. That is me! Oh, but what a time the past 100 days...three months have been. Just as we were moving into #HomeCrazzyHome and right in the middle of noisy electricians and dust that rivalled a small volcanic eruption...along came this opportunity.

Random Thoughts

Shocking News!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my wrist. It has been bothering me...especially with all the painting, mowing and cleaning. Sometimes it is even hard to grip things and I get tingling. But none of that was as worrisome as stepping on the scales! What I saw was truly an awakening. Oh, I knew that I had put on some weight since moving in with Cookie Monster. I mean I am actually cooking three meals a day plus...cookies...cakes...pancakes...and all the rest. It was as if after five years of having no one to cook for (no, I did not cook for me) I was trying to catch up. But I had no idea it was THAT bad.

Random Thoughts

Happy World Book Day from #HomeCrazzyHome

If April is not bad enough with...Awe-tism Acceptance month, #100DaysOfHomeEd, and all the work here at we have Earth Day and World Book Day...back to back!!!! But as a blogger/writer and avid reader, there is no way I could NOT do something to celebrate books. So I thought I would share a good old-fashioned book report like I was taught to those ancient days when I was in school. I am featuring my favorite author... M K Hume